IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021, Exam Date, Result

By Desk Staff - 10 February 2021

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021. As well as, IFIC Bank Ltd exam date and time, the exam result will publish on this site. Know the online application process of IFIC Bank limited jobs. The will recruiter for the post of Transaction Service Officer, Trainee Assistant Officer (TAO). Apply by 18 February 2021. Many individuals find jobs like IFIC bank careers. Most of the job seekers find the Online of the IFIC Bank free job information in Google. Below, see the details information about the application, exam result of IFIC Bank job circular 2021.

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

However, the Bank will recruit for the post of  Transaction Service Officer, Trainee Assistant Officer (TAO). IFIC Bank Limited offers job opportunities in which the candidate can meet requirements and can get the best opportunity on a long term basis. The candidates who have educational qualifications and have high proficiency in the English language can apply for any of the banking jobs. It also provides training facilities to its employees. Candidates can enhance their knowledge by joining online training sessions conducted by the bank.

Candidates who don’t have any educational qualifications but have the highest levels of efficiency can apply for the positions as Bank Manager, Branch Manager, IFIC Bank Teller, IFIC Bank Service Company Assistant, IFIC Bank Associate, IFIC Bank Manager, and IFIC Bank Senior Accountant.

Career Description

Company name IFIC Bank Limited
Job Title Transaction Service Officer, Trainee Assistant Officer (TAO)
Application Start 08 February 2021
Deadline 18 February 2021
Vacancy Unknown
Salary Range 28,370/- – 35,990/-
Age Limit 30 years
Job Type Private Bank
Application System Email your resume to [email protected]

Application Process

In these jobs, candidates can expect a monthly business target of the minimum wage. These jobs can perform by trained professionals. So there is no need for them to take up the skills training program. They are responsible for planning and management of the bank’s assets as well as ensuring that work targets achieve.

IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular 2021

Therefore, IFIC Bank Limited has a vision of promoting a strong. And growing corporate social responsibility initiative to create awareness about health and nutrition among all its customer segments. That is all about IFIC Bank Career notice 2021. The Series offers comprehensive information about career guidance and opportunities available in IFIC bank jobs.

Do you want to more Private Bank job circular?

On the other hand, the Series consists of various short and long-term career opportunities available in IFIC Bank jobs. And other opportunities for IFIC Bank employees. Series offers tips and the essential information to help people gain entry into top IFIC Bank jobs.

Exam Date

On the other hand, candidates also want to know the IFIC Bank exam date and time. All the eligible candidates will get an SMS or Email notification about the exam date and time. IFIC Bank Limited has a number of vacancies available in its vacancies section. Anyone can apply for vacancies offered by IFIC Bank through this erecruitment online system. There is a limit of ten applicants per name and profile. You need to follow the instructions provided in the IFIC Bank if you want to apply online for top IFIC Bank jobs.

Most importantly, the IFIC Bank Limited Job Circular is published in the month of February and is usually sent to all branch offices and IFIC Bank branches. The circular is sent to all branch offices three months before the opening of the new job section for the new year. The circular covers all aspects of career development and the work procedure for new IFIC Bank employees. All branch offices expect to send their personnel for a three-month vacation. This should take into account by anyone who wishes to apply for jobs at IFIC Bank.

IFIC Bank Exam Result

Therefore, we will update instantly the IFIC Bank job result here. The Bank’s written exam result and viva result also update here. People interested in applying for jobs at IFIC Bank should visit the official website of IFIC Bank. The IFIC Bank website has details about vacancies available at the IFIC Bank. Also, get details information about the qualifications required for such vacancies.

In this instance, the IFIC Bank website also provides details about the benefits that one can enjoy working at IFIC Bank. You can also view previous IFIC Bank positions posted by current employees. It is not compulsory to apply for the bank job circular from the Bank.


However, the procedure to apply for a job at IFIC Bank may be different from your normal process of searching for an IFIC Bank job circular. When you are sending your application for a job at IFIC Bank, you will be asked to submit your personal particulars, including your education qualification and work experience.

Finally, You will also require to submit a resume highlighting your best qualities and skills that make you suitable for the job. If the representative of IFIC Bank reads your resume and finds it suitable for the position. Get your IFIC Bank limited job result.

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